About Me

{Random FACTS}

1. 25 year old artist
2. wife of 2 years
3. united states air force brat
4. reformed christian
5. lover of chai tea, rainy mornings, and a good book
6. My instagram: xojessielee
7. My pinterest: jessie_thetford 


Llamas & Lace came about due to extreme boredom 
during a 5 hour Saturday class back in 2010...

Now, it has evolved into a quirky, 
slightly incoherent blog 
about my adventures as a newlywed and an aspiring artist,
my successes (and failures) at DIY projects, 
and the randomness that finds its way
into my everyday life.

Sometimes, I write about music, food (!!!), 
even faith in Christ.  
You never know what to expect... 
even I don't know what I'm writing about half the time.

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