Red Dot Studio Tour 2013

Photos from around Victoria Chick's studio in New Mexico.
(One of my favorite places to visit...)





June Adventures: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon, home to the iconic Haystack Rock.
This place, this air, this water...
it restores.



Tanner brought our fire to life.
Cooking s'mores, (burning marshmallows), watching the sunset,
letting the sugar coma and the chilly sea air wash over us...
It was a joyful night.


We came home smelling of fire and sea
with sweet memories and sand in our jeans.
Oh, Lord.
You are too good to me.


June Adventures: The Waffle Window


My man and I had the chance
to catch a plane to Portland last month.
We were treated to some incredible adventures by my family,
one of which was the Waffle Window.
If you haven't been, it's worth a visit.

Belgian style waffles.
Sweet & Savory.
He ordered the Three B's: brie + bacon + basil.
I ordered the Farm Fusion: chevre + sauteed mushrooms + carmelized onions + spinach + tomatoes.


Art. Art. Art.

Between managing projects for the CLAY Festival, trying to promote our downtown art scene, and fulfilling my domestic duties, my painting time has taken a back seat.

It's sad.

Especially because it's one of those things that - once I'm engaged in it - I find peace and rest in.  It soothes me. It centers me. Why don't I pursue this more?!?

Day by day efforts, I guess.
That's what I need to do.

My hope is to add a touch of color to the above piece. I'd love to make it available as a print for my Etsy shop!  So there you have it. A new goal... :)





Life lately...
Family visits.
Trabajo mucho.
I suck at sleeping.
Head cold + fever.

But I've been painting.

You see...
There's always an upside, my friends.



Fit Tips

Hello Friends!

I'm not one to normally talk about weight, working, out, and all that jazz,
but I've been working hard behind the scenes on getting healthy
and want to share some tips that have helped me along.

First off,
Everyone is different.
Different body,
different metabolism,
different tastes.

As for my body, I'm 5'4" and more of an hourglass build.
I've never been a stick thin girl; I tend to have a bit more muscle and curves.
(Not complaining.)

Aaaand, I LOVE food. Big fan.

So, when I graduated from high school and ceased running,
my eating habits brought on the infamous "Freshman 15" and then some.
Since then, I've fluctuated over the years in my weight and struggled a bit with poor eating habits.
(Truth be told, I'm sort of a binger.)

About 15 months ago, I decided to rein things in, specifically in my diet.
Enter in MyFitnessPal.

It's a calorie counting app and website.
Crazy easy to use and has made a HUGE difference for me.

First off, I've never tracked my calories before.
Since I started, it's given me a greater consciousness of what I'm actually treating myself to.
Eating out of boredom was suddenly brought to light for me.
And then there's the fast food.
So many calories for something that left me feeling polluted, guilty, and unfulfilled.
True Story.

Lately, I've been using this app every single day and I LOVE it.
You can even scan barcodes with it to enter your food, sync up with other apps like Runtastic to take into account your workouts, and link with friends for support.

So yes, I recommend MyFitnessPal.
Here's my profile if you want to link up - click me.

Second game changer for me:  ISAGENIX.

Yeah, that's what I thought the first time I heard of it.

The best way I can describe Isagenix is that it's a company that's produces a series of food systems focused on nutrional cleansing.
They have shakes, snack bars, chocolates, and my favorite part - the cleanse systems.

Last year, I tried a 9-Day cleanse for the first time.
It took a lot of discipline for me at first - I was eating fast food a lot prior to it and had virtually no self discipline.
The 9-Day has a structured plan to follow and was sort of a shock initially.
Aaaand, I made it harder on myself by browsing Pinterest in all its food and recipe glory late at night.
Didn't help my with my cravings those first few days...

It was worth it though and became easier over the course of 9 days.
I ended up losing 8.6 pounds and 16.75 inches.

Was I able to keep it off?
Did I have to cleanse all the time to maintain it?

I did eat healthier from that point on.
I also started getting more active.
Jogging here and there, walking, ballet classes.
My lifestyle was shifting.

Back in December 2012, I gave up fast food entirely.
I drink mostly water (with an occasional beer or glass of wine).
Fruits and veggies, quinoa and flaxseed, chicken and fish - these are more of the norm for me now.

Since January 10, 2012, I've lost 20 pounds.
It kind of blows me away.

What made it doable for me was making a daily effort.
A fail day here and there is fine and not worth giving up over.
Just make the general trend of your eating and activity a healthy one.
Tip: think inches, NOT pounds if you can.
And how do you feel? Well? Healthy? Try to be in tune with your body.

In my perspective, God gave me one body.
Just one.
I need to treat it like a gift.
Don't worship it or make an idol out of fitness.
Simply be a good steward of what you have.
And be realistic.

I'm now on day 2 of another Isagenix cleanse.
(I'm only doing two cleanse days rather than a 9-day system.)
My reason?
I've been breaking out with cystic acne the last few weeks and want to see if losing some toxins will help with it.
So we'll see how that goes!

I have to tell you, cleansing this time around has been so much easier.
I think it's because I have a much more disciplined approach now to eating than I did my first time.

All in all, these have been the two biggest catalysts for change in my health the last year or so.

I also run (jog/shuffle) with a Garmin.

That's my watch/gps/run tracker of greatness.
I love it because I don't have to drain my phone to track my running.
I just wear this and go.
It tells you distance, pace, calories burned, and more.
Big fan over here.
It even records your runs and records and congratulates you when you set a PR.
I love it!

So there you go.
Three things that have significantly impacted my health over the last year.
Feel free to ask questions or contact me.

What works for you?


New Painting: La Mer

And so continues my obsession with the sea...

"La Mer"
Original Watercolor Painting

Prints also available HERE.


2013 Color Run

Last weekend, my brother flew me up to Las Vegas to run a 5K with him and my family.
But this wasn't just any 5K.
It was the BEST kind.
The COLORFUL kind.

If you ever get the chance to do one of these races with some friends or family, do it.
It's like one big rainbow party that simultaneously raises money to feed the homeless.
Pretty awesome in my book.
Check out the Color Run Website HERE.