Road Trip?

Hello Lovelies!!!

If you've been reading Llama Face lately,
you know I live in a naked naked house.
And by naked I mean,
lacking in all furniture, 

complete with one lamp
(which we unplug and drag
from room to room
as needed - classy, I know).

Our first house guests - aka
my wonderful parents -
will be here in April (YAY!!!!!)
but I really need to spruce up the place,
you know?

So, while visiting Tucson in early March,
I think I might drive up to Tempe 
and visit a little place I call
(insert joyous chorus) 

!!!! IKEA !!!!

Perhaps I will contemplate 
purchasing a couch?
Or some affordable light fixtures...
The possibilities are endless,
my friends.

Any tips for going there? 
I have a compact car, 
so anything large would have to be shipped;
hmmmm - this could prove difficult...

Either way, 
I am excited to relieve 
our one lonely lamp of it's duty...
it works way too hard.

Happy Friday!!!!


  1. Ikea can be heavenly! You can get lost so easily and there is a cafe in the middle, which is always delightful!

  2. Your blog is so cute! I can totally be your online stalker now! :) But seriously I like being in the loop on your life. You have some very fun and interesting things on here so far! Keep it up.

  3. @Jordan: Ooh! Good to know about that cafe!!! I can't wait to check it out!

    @Sarah: Thank you!!! :P I appreciate the love! Keep checking in for SURE! :D

  4. First I love your blog dear Granddaughter, second if we were only closer Grandma could set you up with extra furniture I don't need; end table,lamps,bookcases,etc. Drats is all I can. Have you checked your local Craigs List and local ebay lists for things you need.

  5. Grandpa says Craigs List closest to ya maybe is Los Cruces about 113 miles, 2 and half hours away.


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