Dining Table: Mission Accomplished!

Hello Wonderfuls!

I've been on quite a DIY kick lately...
(thanks to all the garage sale finds
we've recently accumulated!)

My latest project was refinishing a dining table....
which is something I've never done.

We found it in Tucson at a thrift store
back in March for $50.

I knew we had to get it because:
1. It was solid wood!
2. Any damage on it was fixable!
3. The legs... oh the LEGS! :P

Sadly, I don't have an assembled "Before" photo...
We had to take apart the table to fit it in my car,
and reassembling it just to disassemble it yet again,
well, that's a lot of work! :P


I love the dark table
I already have some chairs 
that I recently painted a pale teal!
Boom Baby!


Here we go.
My steps to fixing up this bad boy?

1. Clean it up. 
There was dried wax, 
old paint, 
and mystery goo...

2.  Repairs
(Meaning wood glue & clamps!)
Some of the edging on the table 
had come apart and needed a little love.

3.  Strip the wood!
The table had layers and layers of old finish and stain.
I tried sanding it for a bit... 
but resorted to using "Citristrip."
(It's magic I tell you!)

4. More cleaning & Sanding

5. Condition the wood
This allows for even staining :)

6.  Stain & Wait! 

First Coat
Second Coat
7. Seal it!
I applied 2 coats of Polyurethane 
to seal and protect it,
letting it dry (and sanding) between coats.

Dry and Ready to Assemble!

Some fun grain detail!
8.  Assemble!!!!


 One last refresher...



All in all,
this was a tedious process.
BUT, I enjoyed it.

I love how the Dark Walnut stain
gives the wood depth and warmth
while maintaining the dark color I was going for.

The worst part of this project
was all the waiting.
(LOTS of dry time.)
But, it's necessary!

Well, thanks for reading!

My next projects include:
2 more dining chairs 
2 end tables
1 mini secretary desk

Happy Tuesday!


  1. WOW! you did a great job! now come work on my kitchen table will ya?!

  2. I'd say the hard work definitely paid off. I love the inspiration pic you used too -- I have it save on my Houzz account.

    You are gearing up to have the most stylish house in Silver City!!

  3. Thanks Camille!!! I appreciate it! And that inspiration pic is so gorgeous! It's almost impossible not to love it. :)


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