Merry Christmas from Silver City!

Merry Christmas!!!
I just want to say thank you
for taking the time to read my nonsense
and for all the love these last 12 months...

2011 has been one crazy year for us -
with getting  married,
moving to New Mexico,
starting a new job ,
buying a home,
and starting from scratch...

It could have been a lot lonelier 
if it wasn't for readers like you
sharing advice and kind words.
I am so thankful for you.
I mean it.

Now go put on some fun comfy socks 
and drink some cocoa :)
You deserve it.

Christmas ornaments from my friend, Drea!

Our home this Christmas Eve :)

Silver City's Big Ditch Park - I took this while running errands today.

Our home, all cozy for Christmas!
Our stockings!

Merry Christmas, friends :)
Jess & Tanner


  1. merry christmas jess.

    you make me jealous of your snoW!

  2. Merry Christmas Jess. I'm so thankful for friends like you too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Merry Christmas, Chelsea and Sheri! :D

  4. Your home looks so warm and comfy amidst all that snow. I hope you and Tanner had a wonderful first Christmas as a married couple! Hugs from Vegas!! xoxo

  5. merry merry {belated} Christmas!! hope it was fantastic. :D your house looks so sweet.

  6. @Alissa - Thank you so much! Our first (married) Christmas was great :) I hope your first Christmas as parents was full of memories and joy!!! Sending love and hugs your way too!

    @Suzy - It was fantastic and simple - which I love! Thank you for the kind words, Suzy! You're amazing. Simply amazing. :)

  7. Looks picture perfect! Your toilet paper roll art is getting big!

  8. How cute is that!! So glad you have your "t" and "j" ornament. I saw those last month at Anthro and thought of you ;)


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