I've seen a lot of zebra rugs lately...

And I fear 
they might be growing on me.





They bring such a bold
and graphic pattern to the space.

I especially love the way they spice up 
the neutral furniture in the second image.

In fact,
I think I might try and find one 
for our living room...
We have two 
velvet olive-green
sitting chairs with an ottoman
in front of our fireplace now
that could use some livening up...

How do you feel about the zebra hides?
(or faux hides?)
Another fleeting trend
or something worth bringing
into your home?


  1. I love the stripes, but think they look best with a pop of color like in the room with the teal chairs. I consider stripes a neutral, so they go with mostly anything as long as it's not too busy. I'm all about it and do not think it's fleeting. I mean, check out home design photos from the past. Stripes pop up all the time because they are timeless. Go for it!

    1. Sweet! This is encouraging! And I totally agree on the teal + stripes combo. The color + pattern just works. Thanks for the input!!! :D

  2. Hmmm I dont think Im brave enough to do any animal prints in my casa.
    but those teal chairs are amazing!

    PS. I tagged you in a questionare post, you should check it out!

  3. I normally have a no animal skin rule, but I also have been liking them lately too. Cow hides as well. I think the non-traditional shape is perfect for a kiva fireplace in the corner -- that's a hard area to decorate, but you've got it all figured out, sounds like.

  4. don't be afraid! i have a zebra{patterned, not skin} blanket, and it is so big. and it is SO BIG. and it's the best ever and it looks great wherever it is. CUZ IT IS SO BIG.


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