Oh dear.

Hello friends.

These last two days, 
I enjoyed the thrilling experience
of a gnarly stomach flu.

It's nasty stuff, I tell you!

Many of my friends and their children
around town have had it
(or have it right this moment),
even putting a few in the hospital.

Thanks to trusty pedialyte...
I was spared such a trip.

On a more positive note,
I put my incapacitated state to use
and finished a few books. 

Now, I'm making my way
through the biography,
by Eric Metaxas

So far?
Highly recommended.

I also recommend great friends
who bring Pedialyte
and chicken soup
when you most desperately need it.


  1. Hi love thought I'd share I created a new blog :) ohmisslouise.blogspot.com

  2. yikes!! hope you get better soon!!!


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