Road Trip Tips

On our recent trip
from Silver City, New Mexico
to Lake Tahoe, Nevada and back,
we logged more than 36 hours of driving.

I'm not going to say it was easy,
but here's how we made it enjoyable!

1.  Have a Partner in Crime.

Driving solo, 
no matter how many hours 
of ridiculously good tunes you have, 
can get boring... 
Real Fast.  

Or it can lead to sleeping at the wheel 
if you're like me - NOT good. 

So have a buddy.  
Take turns driving. 
Chat it up!  

who else will get overly excited with you 
when you drive by a wigwam motel?  

2.  Stop. See. Breathe.

About an hour before we got to Flagstaff, 
we stopped in Holbrook, Arizona.  


One word.

On a road trip,
one of the best things you can do 
is make an effort to keep it 

Seek out the weird things on your drive.
Go ahead.
Stop at that meteor crater.
Stretch those legs!

Making good time
is great and all,
but what's life 
if you're not enjoying the ride?

3. Prepare.

One of the smartest things we did - 
given that we don't have a GPS or smartphone -
was map out our drive
using AAA TripTik.

This program is GENIUS.

It made an OCD planner 
like myself 
feel more at ease about driving
the nearly 1,100 miles to Tahoe.

Plus, it can mark neat places to see
as well as festivals and events!

4. Listen.

Knowing how much time we'd spend in the car,
we charged my iPod,
stashed some Greg Bahnsen CD lectures (on apologetics)
burned some Paul Washer sermons to discs,
and grabbed an audio book 
(J.I. Packer's Desiring God).

It was really nice being able to switch between 

The variety helps keep the drive exciting,
even when the scenery isn't.

So there you go.
4 tips to make your road trip 

Going on a drive anytime soon?


Speak your mind.