Gelato Saturdays

This past Saturday,
for our weekend tradition,
we settled down 
at our favorite joint 
with a zombie game.

This week's flavors:

For me - Cherries Jubilee & Stracciatella 

For Tanner - Mango & Pineapple Orange

The Game:

I played as the zombies (of course!)

My posse.

and Tanner played the heroes.

The sheriff, chemistry teacher, prom queen, and private detective.
During the game,
my zombie horde
totally surrounded
 Amanda the prom queen...

Let's just say it didn't end well for her.

Tanner's reaction:

Just kidding.
This is more like it:

 my friends,
is the expression of one
succumbing to the zombie
death party.

He ended up winning though.
On the last turn.

Dang it.

I highly recommend this game.
Find it here.

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