Guest Bedroom Changes

Having a guest bedroom
is pretty rad,
except for the fact that 
we rarely have guests.

Sadly, we end up turning it into
a storage room between company visits...
but not anymore!

After finding out a couple of weeks ago
that some good friends of ours were coming 
out and wanting to crash at our place,
we got our butts in gear
and cleared out the room.

Now, it's nothing fancy.
I mean, hey!
We're using an air mattress here -
not even a real bed (sorry folks), 
but the changes have made a difference

And I no longer
 have to close the door
in shame,
which is a good thing 
in my book!

Here are some pics 
of the progression...

After clearing out the room a bit
and adding some curtains:
Talk about harsh lighting...

 After paint
(Benjamin Moore, "Nimbus")
and some reorganization...

Hello glorious airbed!

The gray walls and white furniture really calm the space.

Little gallery wall over the bed... probably will grow and change over time.

For perspective.  Don't mind the mirror smudges.

Mini Secretary Desk in action.
 The wall color has made
the greatest change for this room.

Adding little touches like a
reading lamp
on the nightstand
with some books and magazines
cozied up the room as well.

My goal is to someday 
have a real bed in here
(to add to the comfort),
but that's not urgent 
by any means.

So there you have it.
Future guests?
I have a room for you.

Plus, I'll make you breakfast.
Just sayin'.


  1. looks so much better! such cute style you have!

    1. Aw thanks, Allie! I feel like anything would have been an improvement to that room! Glad you dig the style! :)

  2. brekkie? on my way...
    {it looks so cute!}

  3. Jessie, I love what you've done with this room! Such a great idea to use an air mattress and hang wall art above it. This would be such a cool place to stay. :) ~Ally


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