I think I might be a plant hoarder.

I have at least one plant in almost every room of our house,
which I love - greenery soothes my soul,
but I fear that my foliage will only increase in number...

Especially since I discovered the art of cuttings.

Evidently, you can clip off a piece of your succulent plant,
even just a leaf,
and it has potential to grow into a whole other plant.
(Kind of like gremlins, but less dangerous and easier to take care of. )

Just clip off a leaf or portion of a branch
and place it somewhere that you will leave it alone for a bit.
As the cutting dries out, it will slowly begin to develop new roots
which should begin to emerge out the spot you cut the succulent.

Here are some of my leaf cuttings.

It  might take a week or two for the roots to appear,
but once they do, you're free to plant the cutting in some soil!
I plan on using some old teacups as mini-planters for my new 
baby succulents.

Have you ever done this before?!?


  1. That is neat! If you absolutely do become a plant hoarder you should name one after me and that way when I come visit you can you show me my plant soul mate =]


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