Porch Updates

Slowly but surely,
I'm knocking out little projects
on our screened porch.

This weekend, Tanner & I 
put up some fun lanterns
over the table.

They look best 
with some decent sized
pillar candles,
but alas -
I have none.

They add a bit of light at night
and of course,

You can see my half-way done
priming job on the wood paneling as well...

I think I'm going to 
paint the porch area 
a cool pale 
shaded teal.

We'll see!  
I have to work up the nerve
to finish priming first.

The vision is there, though,
and I think that counts 
for something!


  1. Ooo, I love them! You really have an eye for layering decor.

    1. Oh, yay!!! And thank you! I sort of feel it out as I go, so I'm glad it works!


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