Silver City Clay Festival: a glimpse at DAY ONE

The Silver City Clay Festival,
an event I've been helping prepare
since January,
has finally come upon us.

There was SO MUCH
going on simultaneously...

I haven't even 
scratched the surface

But here's a little glimpse 
worth viewing.
Let's take a look, 
shall we?

Free demonstrations in the Murray Hotel

Jared Carpenter, Potter at the Wheel.

Making a planter

Jared Carpenter forming a coffee mug in less than 2 minutes.  Kind of crazy!

Making a hand-formed mushroom sculpture

Jared's glazed pieces

Inside the Murray Hotel

Lee Gruber, the creator of Silver City's First Ever Clay Festival

Leyba & Ingalls Juried Tile Show Exhibition - touching on the sacred category

Kid's Mud Fun - just playing around with clay :)

The Seedboat Center for the Arts, location of our lectures and an art exhibition

Seedboat's Juried Tile Show Exhibition - abstract category

Results of the Clay Interior Finishes Demo inside of the Murray Hotel

Small Art Pieces inside the Murray Hotel

Pam Lujan-Hauer and artist, Victoria Chick

Inside the Murray Hotel

Examples of Mimbres-style pottery for sale at the festival

Lois Duffy Gallery's Juried Art Tile Show Exhibition - Portraits & Figures Category


  1. The Silver City Clay Festival looks wonderful. I took a pottery class years ago, and still have a couple piece. I can never part with them. I love the gallery portraits that are displayed.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. How neat! We plan on holding the festival again next year, so if you happen to be in southern New Mexico around that time, you should come! :D

  2. Not sure if you remember me...but we chatted a bit at the Mud Fun on the first day of the Clay Festival. I had my 2 littlest girls with me (one was the redhead). We both discovered that we had a blog.

    Didn't know you help plan the festival...that's great! My girls really enjoyed learning to make things from clay (I'm so not artsy, but I love exposing them to all sorts of experiences).

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi :)

    1. Hi, Dayna!

      So cool that you found me on here! I'm so glad your girls had a blast with the clay! There's a certain charm in getting your hands dirty, being creative. It's wonderful that you give your kiddos a chance to do just that!!!

      Thanks for saying hi! :D


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