Tea & Scones & Being Alone

In the last year,
I've learned a few things about myself.

For example,
- I cannot run nearly as fast or as well as I used to.
- My favorite color is no longer green, but teal.
- I'm a closet ice-cream addict.

I also learned that I'm quite the introvert,
which surprised me.

I've always felt like a pretty social person,
able to keep a conversation going,
eager to make others feel comfortable.

But the truth is,
it wears me out.

After most get-togethers and social events,
I feel like I need a day or two (at least) of recovery.

You know...
Just me.
A book.
And a bath.
With the phone off.

Weird, how it took me 24 years 
to figure this out.

In light of my discovery,
I've been experimenting...

Trying to figure out the balance 
of spending time with people and
investing in relationships,
while maintaining boundaries
to stay above water.

I started making scones and tea
every other week or so,
inviting a few gals over to just hang out
in the most casual way.

So far, it's been lovely.
It keeps me from falling into a hermit state,
which has been a tendency of mine lately,
and forces me to grow with these wonderful women.

I guess I'm finding a bit of balance.
Which is neat.
And highly recommended.

How about you?

How do you maintain the balance between 
a healthy social life and much needed alone time?


  1. Girl. THIS is why we click. I could have written this myself! But now, being a mom, it's hard to maintain that balance, being that most of my time is spent with a pint-sized human. I'd love more interaction but at the same time, this also forces me to take time some time to myself and thus, when I'm around people, I feel a lot more relaxed!
    I send many hugs your way! xoxo

    1. GOSH, I miss you! :D What you're saying makes a lot of sense. It's neat how spending so much time with Ainsley enables you to feel relaxed with folks - I haven't thought of that side of things! Sending love and hugs your way! Oh, and a stray talking muffin as well. :P

      P.S. - I read a piece of your update (just the snippet preview, the post was private) from your trip... :D <- my face. TRUE STORY.

  2. haha Oops, I thought I was being sly! But I'll write up a non private update Tuesday!
    I miss you!!

  3. i agree so much. i wrote almost this exact same piece, but in my own words {haha], for a guest post a couple weeks ago. she hasn't posted it yet though. anyway, it's eerily similar. we might be each other's personality dopplegangers.

    1. Wow!!! That is so crazy!!! I'll have to check it out once it's posted! And it's nice to know I'm not alone. :)


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