Learning by Immersion.

Since we bought our home,
I'm discovering that much of this
how-to-fix-it-d.i.y stuff
comes mainly by immersion.

For example,
let's say a few weeks ago,
temperatures dropped to the single digits.
And let's just say, 
your home hasn't experienced this kind of cold in a while.
And maybe, just maybe,
a pipe broke in your garage and started gushing like 
Old Faithful herself
while simulataneously turning your steep driveway
into an ice slide.

What do you do?

First, I got drenched.
And cold. V.E.R.Y. cold.
Then I had to call to get our water turned off.
(Did you know it's illegal here to turn it off yourself?)
Then, we worked away on the pipe.

After getting said pipe fixed (we had to bring in a plumber in the end),
I now know how to turn off the water at my house,
blow dry pipes (learned from our plumber),
and insulate spigots from the frigid cold that is this winter season.

Yay for life skills!


  1. that sounds like a nightmare!!!! i'm glad you got some sweet life skills out of the deal...

    1. Yeah... it wasn't my favorite experience, but Tanner and I had a good laugh at each other, standing in the garage all soaked. We felt completely ridiculous! Making sweet memories, I guess :)


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