Detox/Cleanse Results!

Hello my friends!

Yesterday was my final day

And here are the results...

Total Weight Lost:  
8.6 pounds

Total Inches Lost:


Things I noticed:
1.  I have better muscle definition
2. My abdomen flattened out (WOO!)
3.  My skin has cleared up significantly
4.  I'm sleeping better (more soundly)
5.  My cravings have changed, favoring
healthy options versus processed food
6.  My clothes fit better 
(thanks to losing those inches!)

I should mention that during this cleanse,
I was not working out at a gym.
My physical activity included:
ballet class twice a week
and walking on our local track.
So, nothing crazy.

This was my first time 
trying a cleanse,
and honestly,
I was a little nervous to go for it.

9 days seemed like a long time to me
and I have the tendency to
eat out of boredom
(and for comfort)...

I knew if I were to do this, 
I'd have to truly commit, 
which (thankfully) I did.

Having ordered a kit
which provided all the food,
snacks, shakes, etc.
(excluding lunches)
that I needed for 9 
(technically 11) days
really helped me to practice
self discipline for once
with my eating habits.

So that made it MUCH easier
to complete the cleanse
than I expected!

I'm feeling great, 
eating healthier portions,
and making wiser choices
in the kitchen!

And my husband told me 
he can totally tell the difference
in me physically!  

To maintain this new state of health,
I plan on ordering more of the 
"Isalean" shakes (which were in the kit)
and drinking those regularly.
They're pretty good! 
(Get the chocolate flavor!)
I might get a few of their other products too!

In case you're interested in
learning more about the cleanse
I tried...

I made a tab 
at the top of the page
which has information 
on the kit,
a link to the Isagenix website,
and contact information
of a consultant (my friend, Melia!)
(in case you decide to order for yourself!)

Have any of you ever tried 
a cleanse or detox system before?

Cheers to health!

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  1. Wow!!! That's awesomeness!!!! Congrats on the inches! Don't you love just feeling so much healthier!!


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