Rest Here.

It's time for a vacation.

In March of 2009, I did a drive up to Lompoc, California to visit my Grandparents. It's north of Santa Barbara and right along the coast.
It was beautiful.

The best part was when I was driving along Pacific Coast Highway with the windows rolled down - my hair flicking around my face, my skin swallowing the moist air. It refreshes your soul.

I need that right now. Or something like it.
This semester is finally coming to a close and all I can think of is how badly I want to touch my toes to the cool Pacific and lean against Tanner on the shore. I want to feel the sun on my hair and sip some chilled wine. No obligations, no phones, no worries. Just us. Living. Breathing. And Listening.

I don't listen enough.

The shore makes a music all its own. I miss it. It just makes me want to be quiet for once and go silently exploring on the wet sand against the cliffs of Refugio Beach, stepping across the awkward rocks before the tide comes in. It awakens adventurers everywhere.

Let's go.

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