Can't Sleep.

He left today.
Drove all the way down to Tucson.
Called it a dust bowl.
My fiance - Tanner - moved down south for a summer internship.
He called me for an update.
I think he's unsure of what's there to see, to enjoy, to explore.
But he did find the chimichanga of all chimichangas.
So I'm sold.

It's amazing how much I miss him.
He still feels near to me though, like we can never truly leave each other.
We must be two spirits intertwined.

I love our love.

It's deep and powerful and gentle and clever - ridiculous too.

Today, he quoted the Sicilian's final monologue from the movie "The Princess Bride" to me over the phone.


I love the man.
I love how he gives me smile wrinkles.
My life will be well-lived with him.

Side note.

I can't sleep, obviously.

I had a girl date with my lady Drea -who blows my mind.

We went to Starbucks, so I think my Chai Tea Latte is the culprit for my sleepless state.

Should have thought that one through!

But hanging out with her was incredible.
I feel blessed by her friendship; she truly is a sister to me, a woman spurring me on towards Christ.

I can only hope to reciprocate that.

Seriously, we reflected a lot tonight on how we've grown - it's insane.

Insanely AMAZING.

We've both learned how to love unconditionally, respect continually, submit graciously, and forgive wholeheartedly.

She is beautiful and I love her presence in my life.

Also, I love her honesty.

She shares deep things, sweet things, sometimes dark things.

It's always incredible when you come across a soul you can resonate with.

Thank you Drea.

And Thank you Lord

for all the loves in my life.

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  1. You stinker! You just about made me cry- go check out my blog about last night that I wrote before I just read yours- pretty much the same schnazzy stuff. We're lovelies =]

    P.S. we look so young in that picture hehe


    Whit gave me an awesome book on wedding centerpieces, cake toppers, magnificent crapola, etc. We're looking through it together

    Woo WOO!!


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