A Not-So-Mundane Monday

Today was beautiful. Why?

The little things.

Even though I ran errands and what not, there were so many little joys:
- sleeping in
- giving my mom a hug (I sadly don't do that very often)
- buying ART supplies!!!! (Yay!!! I'm preparing to make some intaglio prints)
- baking apple cinnamon muffins!
- buying stamps and filling prescriptions (just the feeling of being productive!)

Good times.
And my mom wanted to go with me.
She WANTED to run errands with me.
It was kinda fun :)

Little bits of life are happening and I'm loving this.
And now we're making chili-cheese mashed potatoes...
Healthy, you ask?
uhhh... probably not, but my taste buds could not be more EXCITED!!!!

on the God front... more life changes are occurring!
I've been seeing sides of my character lately that are pretty sad, pretty ugly...
But I'm recognizing that these sides are being revealed in preparation for change!
I'm stoked for some new beginnings, for the chance to lay newly realized struggles at the foot of the cross and let God do His work.
Yay for new life
and Redemption.


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