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Silver City New Mexico
We have finally figured out where Tanner and I will begin our life together: a quaint creative town of 10,000 people - Silver City, New Mexico.  I can't believe it's settled.

Somehow, knowing the city of our future residence makes marriage so much more tangible. 

And the more research I do on the place, the more I fall in love with it.  There's so much to do, so much to see there and be a part of - I'm sure we'll feel at home.  Despite the fact that we'll be so far from family and friends, I truly believe we'll meet some incredible people.  And honestly, I can't wait.

I'm feeling pretty restless here in Vegas.  So many parts of my life have come to an end; it only feels natural to move on, to move forward.  So let the countdown begin... 5 months until we're heading to New Mexico.

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  1. It sounds perfect for you :) I'm glad you guys have found out where you'll be! And I know what you mean about being restless here...There's so much to see out there that being stuck here for too long seems....depressing!


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