I had a dream.

I love how music transports you somewhere.
Somewhere without time or need or anxiety.
It makes me feel again.

I can remember a time in my life when I drew deep within myself.
I disconnected from everything I could ever feel 
just to find relief from the pain of betrayal
of shame and hurt.

Being numb is one of most frightening experiences I've ever had.
You lose sight of what matters and begin to embrace emptiness
As if it's the way we were meant to be.

But it's not.
We were meant to feel.
To feel and ache and long and love.
Losing touch with that slowly kills us from the inside.

I'm amazed how Christ called me back,
back from the disconnect
from the isolation, the complete alienation and coldness I let cover me.
And He did it with music.

It's songs like these that bring me to life.
They haunt with small truths
and a beautiful simplicity,
Letting me feel and hurt, but never alone.
No, never alone.

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