Monday are Groovy.

You know it's a good day when your hair works, 
your acne is bearable, 
and you can wear your favorite cardigan.

My Monday began with meeting up with two of my amazing lady friends:  Drea & Meegs.  We had drinks at our favorite coffee lounge - Espresso - where I enjoyed a fantastic cappuccino and bagel.

And as usual, we caught up, talked about life, men, church, school... the works.
I love them.  And how they let me ramble on about ridiculous nonsense all the time.  
Sometimes I wonder - while I'm talking - if I'm ever going to shut up myself.
All I can say is thank you Jesus for patient friends.

Talking with them got me thinking:
I have some new life goals.  
Or at least, more articulated goals, now that I'm done with school, 
Young Life, and normal jobs.

Current Random Life Goals:

1.  Learn to rest 
(be it physically, emotionally, and mentally) *and not feel guilty.  How am I going to do this? Not sure.  Perhaps sit in my backyard more at dusk and let the wind wash over me.  Learn to embrace the silence again. Close my eyes more and listen.  Learn to say no every now and then and have a slow night.  Any suggestions? 

2.  Read more books! 
(Current reads:  Out of Africa; The Wounded Heart; Celebration of Discipline)  I used to be a book-hound (if that's a phrase?) and would read at every opportunity.  I'm thinking about picking random spots around Henderson (various parks, Espresso, my backyard) and reading more. Feel free to make suggestions!  

3.  Run
(and join a girls group on Saturdays!) I ran competitively all 4 years in high school, and did a couple of (non-competitive) half-marathons since then... and now I want to treat it more like a way to release and relax versus breaking any records.  Running used to be a way I connected with nature and Christ too - I prayed all the time while jogging in the morning... I would love to get back to that state of mind. 

4.  Write creatively 
 (blog, songs, journal, etc.)  I love thinking and expressing myself - I just want to be more consistent with this outlet.  

5.  Write more letters.   
I love getting letters - and love writing them even more.  My goal is to be endearing, encouraging, and sincere.  I want everyday to be a chance to remind my friends and loved ones of their impact in the world and of the simple joys in life. 

6.  Sing more 
(acoustic sets at Espresso, for example)  It's a weird form of growth, challenge, and inspiration for me to sing out and share music with others.  

7.  Finish recording my album 
before the end of November!!! (I have no excuse anymore!)  

8.  Discover new recipes
I cook for my family and want to truly challenge myself  in the kitchen... any recipes you feel like sharing???  

9.  Paint and Draw and Photograph like no tomorrow.  
I have a degree in this nonsense, plus I need to build a portfolio for grad school at some point.  Oh, and I love it :P  

10.  Grow in Christ
I'm getting married, getting older, and entering into a new period of my life that sometimes scares the shit out of me.  And some horrible part of me thinks  I can do it alone - but I can't.  
I'm not sure how I'm going to grow, but some ideas are: being in the Word daily, finding a new church possibly, meeting with gals for more prayer and fellowship, and making an effort to talk to God consistently.  
I can be really selfish, stubborn, and retarded sometimes - which is all the more reason for me to ask Christ for wisdom and to align myself with His teachings and will.
    So there you have it.  Some random life goals.
    Some of these could change my life... which would be great.
    I feel like I have a lot of growing to do, especially in these next 4 months.
    So pray for me, will ya?
    And what about you?  Any life goals lately?


    1. My life goal right now is to somehow make the theme for your bridal shower "POOP," because I know how much you love talking about it. So there's that... just kidding, but seriously!

      I love you and am SOOO excited that one of your goals is to learn how to do nothing and be okay with that. We ALL need to do this more =]

      As for recipes I say this delish looking appetizer that was rosemary dusted potatoe wedges and asparagus wrapped in proscuitto. We need to try this.

      btw cant wait for La vie en rose tomorrow.

      Love you bestie and movie buddy!

    2. (I say you come run with me this saturday!!!!!! I'd LOVE that!)

      I too need to learn how to rest.

      ps, I dig your blog!

    3. You are entirely awesome, girl.
      And I totally get what you mean, especially about the resting part and the whole new chapter scaring the crap outta you...ah I feel the same way sometimes!
      I think perhaps I will think of some goals and blog about them as well, it's good to have some documentation down of what you want to accomplish, so, good idea!!
      And as for recipes, I have a ton to try out and I'll let you know which ones are good!


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