Tunnels and Such.

Untitled from Joshua Porter on Vimeo.
So, thanks to my buddy Alissa, 
who gave me some solid advice the other day,
I went on a hike.
You know,
One of those mind clearing
cold, refreshing,
digestive hikes.

My "lil sis" Kt and I grabbed our flashlight,
Pulled on our beanies,
And stuffed my bag with water and gloves.

The sun was hanging low when we set off,
and the trail was wide.
It seemed like everyone 
was coming back to their cars to warm up
and turn on their heaters
While we strode on the crunchy dirt path
Wrapping around the mountains,
winding away from the world,
away from the noise.

It was just me
and Kt
And our crunching footsteps.

And then we reached the tunnels.

They were a lot darker when we neared them.
Sort of ominous.
But beautiful.

So we went into the dark 
and talked of life
and fears
and struggles
and joys
and stupid humor
and you know what?

In the cold air,
and amidst the crunching beneath us
I could feel life swelling into my lungs again;
it was the sensation of living in rawness
and embracing reality.

Thank you, Alissa,

And thank you, Kt,

And thank you,

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  1. Those tunnels are awesome. I've ran them many times. I love those good digestive hikes/runs as well.


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