Making Sense

Hello all
It's been a bit, but with good reason - 
life has been picking up the pace, my friends!!!

Christmas went well, 
but my mom was in the hospital for a bacterial infection 
and I woke up with some gnarly hives for the first time in my life!
(She's home now and doing much better, by the way!!!)

My arms, 
and random places all over 
were red and 
SUPER swollen,
super itchy,
and SUPER achy.
It was strange to say the least.
And it lasted 2 days!

So yeah, weird.

Now, my skin is crazy sensitive.
I can't even put a shirt on with busting out with redness and itchy little welts.
Taking off band-aids make my skin look like I got burned by a curling iron 
and punched several times...
I don't get it.

Any thoughts?
The dermatologist told me to take an OTC 
antihistamine through the wedding,
and that stress might be a huge factor for the hives.
But that's all they could offer up.

Also, I got a biopsy for the first time -
just a pesky mole on my shoulder...
but, I discovered I might have an irrational fear of needles...
I had some serious anxiety for the numbing shot
and sort of cried a little.
 Just a little,
but definitely embarrassing.

And finally, I had my last day at work.
It felt weird to end my job.
I enjoyed the time I spent there, which is nice to say.

Now, I have a week to pack my room,
get a marriage license 
and wrap up everything for the wedding!
I'm anxious for it in a good way, 
but a little overwhelmed with moving to another state 

all of it 
at the same time 
is a tad overwhelming.
But it's all goooooood.

Oh! One more thing:
We found a place to live in Silver City, New Mexico!
We're renting a 3 bedroom/2 bath house!!!!  
I honestly thought we'd be in a one room apartment or a trailer.
But yeah, this is where I'll be living in less than a month!

our future place!


  1. cute house!! hope your skin stuff behaves for your big day. :)

  2. Your house is adorable! Very cute =]


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