Hidey Ho!

Today, I had my eyebrows professionally waxed 
for the FIRST TIME!!!
I felt so so so girly.

Honestly, it was a great experience.
I went to a Benefit Brow Bar
where they focus on a classic brow line.
They're legit, my friends.

It was only 20 buckaroos plus a tip,
and I would totally do it again.
For you gals in Vegas, 
I went to their ULTA Salon location 
off of Stephanie and Sunset.
I highly recommend the gal there (her name's Alissa, I think?)

In other news....
I'm getting married in 1 week and 4 days.
So crazy.
 Almost poop your pants crazy.

I'm in the process of packing my room,
finishing my final wedding crafts,
and wrapping up business here in Vegas.
My favorite part of all this is the in-between, actually...
The time I get to spend playing boardgames with family,
having random talks with my mom on the stairs while I box up dishes,
the glorious coffee excursions with my amazing friends...

It's a strange process, leaving.

One more thing.
So many beautiful women I know are expecting...
Alissa, Chelsea, Whitney -
Congrats to all of you!!!!
And I know this sounds weird,
but I have the urge to rub a baby bump!
(Alissa! That means you!!!!)

I feel like a freak, 
but some weird switch has gone off inside me
and all I want to do is get all giddy 
and pat a pregger belly!!!

Alright, that's all for now


  1. Woohoo! It's coming up so fast, girl! Ah I loved the crazy, insanity leading up to my wedding!

    And thank you girl! I'm still working on getting a legit bump but it's starting to pop! If you're not TOO busy, we should try to plan one more coffee date :) I would love to see you before you go!


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