Our Home (For Now...)

So lovelies...
I promised a little house tour for you.

Pretend I invited you over for tea
and to share some good music.
It's like we're neighbors.

The front yard. And my car!
 We have giant boulders in our front yard.
They remind me of dinosaur eggs.
Or geodes.

Part of our backyard.
We have a little fence from the previous owners...
I think they used to have dogs.
The rest of our backyard is open,
so sometimes we have deer
or a random cat
or a strange guy 
wandering around with his dog...

My music & art room.
 I've never had a hobby room before!
I play my keyboard a lot in here
when I'm all by myself.
The sun comes through the window
and everything glows.

Our kitchen!
 It's big.
For me, anyways!
I love cooking in here.
It's where I spend the majority of my time.

Our bedroom...
 It's chill.
Just how I like it.

More of the bedroom!
 View from the doorway, 
looking towards our closet and bathroom.
That framed shindig is the seating chart
from our wedding.
I like it - it reminds me of wonderful friends.

Also, notice the lack of a handle
on our closet door?
Yeah, I took it off.
because my closet rebelled against me one day
and refused to open after I took a shower...
No fun when you really need clothes.

Our living room... as seen in my Valentine's Post.
 Clearly, we have no furniture.
I'm actually not worried about it.
There's something fun and cozy about
snuggling on the floor together.
No tv.
No couch.

This is where Tanner & I wind down at night.
Before we go to bed,
we take turns reading aloud John Bunyan's
The Pilgrim's Progress.
I love reading with him.
I highly recommend doing this 
with someone special.

Our office/board game center/ dining area/etc.
Yes, it is a folding table and chairs.
They rock.
I also blog here.
Good times!

Our front door/ living/dining area & kitchen!
And that's our house!
It's naked.
But I'm alright with this.

We love the place, 
but think it's out of our price range to buy...
So we're renting for now.

A real-estate agent 
brought people over 
for a viewing 2 days ago...
So when someone wants to buy,
we have 90 days 
to figure out where to move.
So pray for us.
Because that day will come.


  1. cute! i love that you have a hobby room. mine is also the dining room and part of the kitchen. *someday!!!*

  2. I love everything....its mo haha....and i miss you!

  3. @Suzy - thank you! Yeah... too bad my hobbies take place all over the house too! :P hehe

    @Monique - YAY! I love YOU, Mo! I miss you and am glad you found my blog! Sending love your way :)

  4. that kitchen IS HUGE!!!! what a sweet little first home for you guys!

  5. Very nice! I especially love your kitchen!


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