Little Steps.

Since Tanner & I moved away
to the far distant land of New Mexico,
I have found solace in several things:

1.  Music

Pandora.com is a beautiful thing, indeed...
Especially when your ears are hanging on the 
smooth delicate notes of Astrud Gilberto.

2. Cooking

My Homemade Sugar Cookies
I love getting creative in the kitchen,
and now that I have the time
it's like this special challenge I get to partake in...

What can I create today?

Or more so... 
what can I consume today...

3. Reading

This book is on my wish list!
 I read in the morning,
in the afternoon 
when the sun warms the carpet,
and in the night 
with Tanner before we sleep.

Current reads:
- The ESV Reformed Study Bible
- Isak Dinesen's Out of Africa
- John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress

4. Christ
We found a church 
almost by accident 
when we were moving in.

"Grace Bible Fellowship"

We saw their sign as we drove by
with the words
"Sola Scriptura"

Once we started attending,
it was like we had found the jackpot:

a community of people 
who immediately had something
in common with us.
In fact, the most important thing
in common with us.
Their life's foundation.

In this church, I found an artist.

She's incredibly gifted.
she's going to show me around.

Neato, my friends.


  1. Those cookies look YUMMY! I want one =[ And I'm so happy you found a church, that warms my heart! I like Victoria's cat paintings lol.

  2. Check out Pilgrims Regress by CS Lewis too... :)Thanks for the house tour - I liked it, but it makes me miss you!

  3. @Drea - Thank you! They were yummy! And yes, finding a home church has made a world of a difference... especially with an artist in it! (YAY!) xoxo

    @Nicole - I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the rec! Glad you liked the house tour, but I would much rather have done it in person, my friend! :)


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