Hello Friends!!!

I don't think any of you noticed... 
but I did forget 
to do a Board Game Spotlight post...
It'll probably be a bit before my next one 
due to 

1.  We are in the market for a HOUSE!!!!
We've been going through the Pre-approval process
and meeting with a Realtor
(and blah blah blah...)

 Needless to say, 
all our afternoons lately have consisted 
of meetings
and paperwork
and emails
and showings...

alas, no board games.

It's an exciting
and frightening process,
LOTS of big decisions...

But we're praying for guidance 
and wisdom through it all.
So if you're into it,
would you pray for us too?


Funny story.
So.... Tanner & I started up 
with racquetball again,
which for us is FUN

we were playing on Monday...
our 4th match of the day, 

(and I had yet to win ONE).

So I of course was flying at the ball 
with a vengeance.

Slamming into walls.
Rug burn on the knees...
All for the sake of holding my ground
for that beautiful
long awaited

This is me. Not really. But imagine. (Source)
Picture this guy with a ponytail. (Source)

This is my game face. (Source)
 Well, I guess I need contacts or something.
Or maybe it was just the weird fluorescent lighting...
but I made quite an error.

I threw myself to the right 
to hit a hard low ball
(which I returned beautifully!!!)
I never saw my hit.
In fact, 
I didn't see anything for a tiny bit...
because the only SLAM I heard
was my head...
into the wall.

I hit it HARD.
So hard, I saw black 
and realized I was on the ground.
It was hard to move
and my head felt strange...
and of course, Tanner was standing over me
asking, "You okay?!?!"
To which I responded,

"Did I hit it?"

Well... the game was over.
And we went home
while the right side of my head swelled up 
to an impressive size...
Within 30 minutes or so,
I realized how hard it was
to move my right arm.
Not fun.

We stayed up until 11PM
in case I had a concussion
watching Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes,
(don't judge me :P)
taking pain pills,
and eating the cure-all known as 

So, after a night of ice packs
and barely moving
(I couldn't even clothe myself)
I went to the clinic the next day
for that darn arm of mine
and HOORAY!!!

Nothing's broken.
I just have some deep 
DEEP bruising
and swelling
and I have to wear a sling for a while.

So that was my Monday :P

I've been taking it easy
(and feeling frustrated that all my projects are on hold).

So for now, it's

And then after that, 
I shall hopefully be finishing up 
my furniture fixer-upper things
and preparing for the visit of 
mi familia!

SO.... that is what I've been up to.
You are all wonderful
and if you read this whole thing,
I guess we really ARE friends!

Have a thurrific Thurthday.

P.S. - ever have any head accidents?  


  1. I am so sorry for any pain that you went through, but that is SO stinkin' funny! Sorry for laughing at your injury. Got your card too- LOVE YOU!


  2. aw! you poor thing! i hate, hate HATE hate, the feeling right before you black out. the first thing i do when that happens to me is check for all my teeth. i think i can survive anything as long as i still have all my teeth.
    feel better!

  3. Ah house hunting!! Fun and scary at the same time...but I hope you guys find the perfect house. It's so exciting to go through the process and so overwhelming with all the legal jargon and whatnot! So I will definitely say a prayer that you are able to find a great place :)

    And sorry about your head!! OUCH! Racquetball is insanity! (I kinda lack skills...I like to stand in one spot, covering my eyes and swinging the racket around hehe) and your arm...ouch ouch! And you know I've had some head accidents :P tehe Anyway, I hope you heal quickly so you can kick some bootay in racquetball soon and I love the story! Love you! (sorry for the novel reply but your captcha thing wanted me to spell out "toode" and that made me laugh for some reason!)


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