Last week, Tanner's company 
sent him on a special business trip 
for training,
and they allowed me to come!
So how was Tucson, you ask?
Simply wonderful.

We stayed at a neat hotel 
right across the street from a Trader Joe's, 
which I haven't seen in months!
(And there, 
I bought 6 bottles of Aloe Pulp Juice... 
It's the nectar of HEAVEN, I tell you!!!)

While Tanner trained during the day,
I had the freedom to relax at the hotel,
walk the warm streets,
and read by the pool.
Honestly, I felt spoiled.
(I AM spoiled!)

By night, we went scavenging
all over town, 
driving from street to street 
for thrifty finds
followed by dinner.

I loved it.
WE loved it.

Tucson is a lucky town,
because they have Bookmans.
Bookmans is a used book store 
on roids.
So of course, 
we went looking for great treasures...
Tanner: his board games; 
Jessie: her cook books.

Tanner at Bookmans.
 The place is wonderful to get lost in, plus
they cleverly place large comfy chairs
randomly all over the place
for people like me
to sit hypnotized by a neat find...

Also, the sunsets...
(sometimes, you just have to stop 
and take it in, you know?)

And of course, there's Eegee's...
a local favorite for its 
slushy paradise in a cup.

I got chili-cheese fries.
I had to.

Later in the week,
we tried Greek food...
I love some exotically rich and bitter coffee
every once in a while.

one night in particular
we waited 1 and a half hours
to eat...
at Mi Nidito, of course.
Their chimichangas are, 
in a word, DELISH.
How did we pass the time?
Playing Blokus.
(See Board Game post below!)

This place was on the show
"Man vs. Food"
for it's "Presidential Platter"
or something.
I don't know.

All I know is, 
my mango margarita
was tasty wonderfulness.

And this guy's pretty cool too.

Here I am,
clearly smitten 
and excited for my chimichanga.

I was a little sad when we had to leave,
(you miss the city life
when you're gone for a while)
but I knew I had wonderful things 
to come home to.

We drove by the Boneyard 
on our way out of town.

The Boneyard is:
Planes. Planes. Planes.
As far as you can see.
Waiting for something,
Waiting for action.
Pretty neat.

I'll have you know,
we found some thrifty items
(ie. FURNITURE!!!)
More on that later...

For now,
we are home in Silver.
And the big fire that happened here 
while we were gone
didn't come close to our house,
so that's a blessing for sure.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, 
my friends!

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  1. oh em gee! Loved all of the pictures and cool places you went! It wouldn't be such a bad place to settle down (wink, wink!) I seriously love you and am so happy you got a week of relaxation and exploration!

    P.S. Mango margaritas are legit!


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