Hullo Dear Buds.

This post is full of randomness
from the week my parents visited!

Dutch Baby Pancake I made.

They are tasty.

My parents on our hike to the Cliff Dwellings!

Some of the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

This was on our trail.

If you hike with me, I'll personalize your sandwich!

Happy Birthday, Mom! (And Dad!)

Classic Chocolate Almond Cake from Julia Child's "Mastering The Art of French Cooking"

Tasty Fun.

This is my FAVORITE cake to make. It melts in your mouth.

We perused Silver City's historic downtown.

Plenty of art all over the streets.

Best fudge in town!

At Diane's - delicious lunch with my parents.

We later went to the St. Clair Winery for a tasting, 1 hour away!

Local Blooms

Also on the main street!

I made Lemon Ginger scones for my family too!

A little landmark by main street - A remake of a Billy-the-Kid-style home.

The "Big Ditch Park" parallel to main street.

New haircut - photo courtesy of my mom :)

My mom bought us Tulips before they left. Gosh, I love her.

Of course.

City of Rocks State Park outside of Deming, NM


This place was 45 minutes away from my house!

Mimbres Brewery in Deming, NM.

Historic Buckhorn Saloon in Pinos Altos, 10 minutes away... (and a random dog.)

Deer!  We drove around at dusk so my parents could see them!
So, there you have it. 
A recap
- sort of -
(more like tiny glimpses)
of the week my parents spent with us
here in New Mexico!

It was lovely.
Now, I shall attempt to stain some chairs...
(first time ever attempting this!)
so wish me luck!
Have a WILD Wednesday!


  1. You are a gifted phototog like your Mom; love the the one of the deer.

  2. Petrified Poop, really? HAHA. I love you! And I'm so happy you got to make yummy goodies for them- I miss making that chocolate cake with you! AND- you have to teach me how to make those Dutch baby pancakes! I've never even heard of them =]

    Love you and miss you dearly!

  3. Oh my goodness i love this! I want to come visit you so i can eat all your delicious treats, you're awesome :D


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