Hola Mis Amigos!

A while back, 
my parents graciously bought us a couch.
We found it at a thrift-flea-market 
for $135 in (pristine condition!)

It's from the 60's 
and has a funky fabric for sure.
I think it just might work!

First off, it's HUGE.
I can lay stretched across it 
without touching either end.

It has some neat wood posts (?)
So, that's fun!

And the fabric is interesting...
it's teal with 2 types of yellow-beige.
From a distance, 
it makes the couch look 
sort of greenish

I figured with the right accents though, it could work.
For example...
I want to paint my coffee table a deep teal
and lacquer it for shine,
plus, I think some vibrant throw pillows 
will bring the couch to life!

Here's what I imagine.
Sort of.

I'm a fan of color and the exotic...
And I think this combines both!
Your thoughts?


  1. Great score.. it really is an interesting piece. And I love your vision. I'm sure it will look great!

  2. Thank you, Elle! I'm hoping it turns out all right :)

  3. Hey Lady,

    Thanks for being a follower and leaving a comment! Good to meet another New Mexican. I love your couch, and I love how you envisioned it with that fabulous color for the coffee table -- one of my very favorites. Do you have any good thrift stores in SC? I love thrift stores in small towns for all of the good pickin's. Everything here is picked over and you really have to look to get good stuff. I'll look forward with interest to following your blog as you furnish your home!
    Camille (The Vintique Object)

  4. Exotic for sure!! Love it. It reminds me of Morocco =]


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