Furniture and Fun. YIPEE!!!

Hello my dears!

As you may already know,
my man Tanner and I recently got married
(January 16, 2011)
and promptly moved to Silver City, NM
for his new job.

When we moved, 
we had no furniture.
No couch.
No chairs.

Just a full-size bed.
And a little bookcase.
We made do with some temporary fixes
(ie. Walmart folding chairs, etc.)

So, we sought out many a yard sale
and ventured into the thrifting realms
all in search of some bargain furniture.

While in Tucson for a business trip,
we scored:
two wooden chairs ($0 and $5),

a dining table ($50),

a nightstand ($10),

and several large picture frames ($12 together)...

 So, I got right to work when we returned home.

My first project I decided, should be the chairs.
They were pretty beat up to start,
So I decided to paint them, 
antique them a little
and replace some of the fabric.

Here they are before.

I unscrewed the seat cushion on the one chair and
deglossed and sanded them with these supplies...

Here they are deglossed, sanded, and ready for primer!

I did two coats of primer on each chair,
making sure each coat dried completely 
before moving on to my next step.

I did two coats of a shade called 
"Kentucky Bluegrass"
followed by a glazing of Miniwax's Dark Walnut Stain

I applied the stain with a brush
and then wiped away excess with a rag 
until I got the finish I was looking for :)

Once dry, I replaced the old fabric 
with a geometric design I found at JoAnn's
(in Las Cruces!) using a staple gun.

And here's the reveal!

Overall, this project wasn't too bad!
My goal is to find 2-4 more chairs
(different styles preferably)
and paint them similarly with different fabrics!
I like the mix and match style :)

Well, thanks for reading!



  1. You've done great job with the chairs! And I love the nightstand!!! Me and my hubby still have not too much furniture, one room is totally empty, so we are also looking for some cheap findings. We have only big bed and a wardrobe in a bedroom. Rest is empty. Now we bought nice balcony furniture, so for the summer we need not too much, we can live on our big balcony :)
    Spring wishes to you! I will pop in, because your blog is lovely!

  2. Thank you very much!
    Living on your balcony sounds wonderful!
    Such a great idea :)
    Thank you for the love, and happy spring to you as well!

  3. Those chairs are so pretty! You did such a great job friend.

  4. Thanks, Dre! I'm glad you dig 'em! :D


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