Hello friends!!!

So, I have
some updates:

1. We made another offer on a HOUSE!
It's a cute 3 bed, 2 bath pueblo style home!

2. Our offer was verbally accepted, 
so we're UNDER CONTRACT!!!
(Now we wait for an inspection to take place
as well as complete more paperwork)

3. Tanner & I began a fun workout plan 
to motivate (and reward!) ourselves :D
(Today, I have to ride my bike for about an hour)

4. I finished a home project - finally. 
(Pics will be in my next post!)

And last, but not least...

 I finally beat Tanner in racquetball!!!!!


It was definitely a long-awaited
super intense match of greatness!
(I might have danced a little.)

Yep, I've never beat Tanner at this game...
until now!
I'm feeling pretty good, not going to lie.

So, that's life for now.
I can't wait to show you my first 
completed "home" project!

Also, I plan on showing you my sweet couch.
Let's just say it's from the 1960's
and that's very

You are neato.
The end.

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