paint help!

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry if I seem a little 
house obsessed...
I probably am.

The truth is,
I've never had the chance 
to decorate without limits -
So, I'm pretty excited!

I need some input.
Well, I want to paint my living room...
but I'm struggling with which paint color to choose.
This is what I'm working with:

(Disclaimer:  We just moved in... 
so please ignore our ghetto bookcases, 
awkward floating rug and such.)

Notice my 1960's couch with 
teal swirlies and yellow-tan threading...
From a distance, it looks greenish.

The funky couch (and it's mix-match pillows)
are here to stay...
Someday in the far distant future,
I might reupholster it.
But that's a decade away :P

My coffee table is Benjamin Moore's 
Bermuda Turquoise

I plan on painting those french patio doors... 
so ignore those.

And here's our adobe-style fireplace.

So far, the only thing I've come up with 
is painting the fireplace white.
Probably "Decorator's White" just like my kitchen cabinets.
Other than that...

Maybe my walls should be white too?
Since my couch is so busy?
Or maybe a fun accent wall behind my couch 
would be the perfect thing 
to embrace its craziness?
Perhaps the Turquoise color?

I don't know.
Your thoughts?


  1. I'll happily give my input! Even before you mentioned it, I thought you needed to go with white. So I'd stick with BM's Decorators White or White Dove for a softer white. Love the kiva style fireplace! We'll be in NM in two weeks, and I can't wait!

  2. Thank you so much, Camille!!! You have no idea how helpful that was!!!
    Also, how awesome that you're coming to New Mexico! Thanks again! :D

  3. yellow and black/dark dark dark brown?

  4. Hi Jessica!

    Thank you so so so much for those kind words. i really appreciate the sympathy. I notice the older people get the more different they become and when parents don't see what they expect or want of their child, it's difficult for them to accept.

    On a side note, thank you for the birthday greetings! As for your painting, I'm thinking of a vintage like wallpaper, with those colors you chose with a bold stripe going through it as if it was a huge ribbon around the room.


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