Vegas Trip & Kitchen Cabinets!

Hello Friends!

I'm back from my little trip to Las Vegas
to visit some family and friends!
I went back home to see my "little sis," 
the beautiful Kt, 
graduate from high school.

 (We're not actually related,
but I've known her since she was 4!)
I'm so proud of her :)

I also had the chance to see many of my friends
and share a couple of wonderful nights with them...
Dancing in downtown  Las Vegas,
Having wine and cheese,
grabbing gelato late at night,
and sharing our lives over chai tea and coffee.
 Good times!

In other news,
not too long ago,
I mentioned that 
we finally got the keys (!!!)
to our new place!

As of right now,
we have moved in, 
are mostly unpacked, 
and have already started 
some house projects!

For example...
I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets.
Well, they were a pale pinkish tan
and the walls were almost the exact same color.

Not really a "fresh" feeling kitchen,
ya know?

So... it began.
With a little advice from the blogs
I decided to give it a shot!

1.  Clean the cabinets
My cabinets weren't too dirty, 
so I used soapy water, microfiber cloths, 
and a scrubby sponge for tough areas

2. Dismantle & Remove Hardware

3. Prime! (and dry!)
I used Zinsser 123 Primer and it has worked great so far!
It has an easy cleanup and the smell isn't too strong...
Some people prefer oil-based primers, 
as they tend to hold up better than most water-based primers. 
This Zinsser has had some great reviews though :)

4. Paint! 2 Coats!
I painted my cabinets Benjamin Moore's
Decorator's White

5. Let dry 3-5 days...
Be patient!  It pays off! :)
6. Reassemble and Reattach hardware!
I spray painted my hardware with
Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze Paint

I was only able to do my top cabinets
(I have 15 tops, and 19 bottoms!!!)
Also, I painted the kitchen walls
Benjamin Moore's Sea Foam
(it's kinda of a pale muted teal)

Here's the progress!


Newly Painted Walls

Dismantled and Primed

Painted and Reassembled!

With the sprayed knobs!

With the afternoon sun :)
Well, there you go!
I'm excited to tackle the bottoms soon.
What do you think?
Been working on anything lately?



  1. Thanks Suzy! I appreciate it!

  2. Wow, Jessie! Your hard work is paying off (and I know how hard it is) because it already has a totally different look. So fresh and pretty. Great job. We need so encourage each other to keep it up and finish!

  3. Thanks Camille!!!! The encouragement totally helps! I know I've been putting off finishing it... but we can do it! :D Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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