little diddies

Thanks for all the love on that last post,
I hope anyone else who struggles with anxiety
or people-pleasing feels the love too :)

On another note...
I've been working on little projects
here at our house.
You know, random little touches
and fixes here and there
to make it feel more, homey.
I don't know if that works... 
oh well.

Anyway, here are some pics of progress!

First off, 
Tanner works at a copper mine,
and every so often, 
he brings back some beautiful rocks...

We decided to add them to our yard...

They're vibrant in person! 

While I was moving the rocks around,
I noticed this little guy...

He just hung out on the wall
the whole time I was working
in the yard :)

To match the rocks, 
I repainted our shabby little gate.
(It needed some love)

If you go through the gate, 
you'll see the latest addition 
to our mini-courtyard...

Man, is it bare in there!
Someday, I'll get a doormat 
and more plants :)

The pot and some planting supplies 
were a bundled housewarming gift 
from some of our church friends :)

I'm a HUGE fan of having plants around,
so I did a little happy dance
when they surprised us with it
(and promptly put it to use!)

Inside the house, 
we've updated a few things:

- We added some potted herbs 
to the sink area (basil!)
- New kitchen towels with some pizazz 
(Big fan of color over here)
- and a new rag rug 

Yep... I still need to paint
those bottom cabinets.

- I painted our $15 mini-secretary desk
- Spray-painted some old boxes 
for organization
- Spray-painted our home-made bulletin frame 
to match the desk
- Hung up our key-holder!

Living Room
- We grabbed a throw 
and some new pillow covers 
from West Elm (on sale)
- Organized the underside 
of our coffee table a bit
- Started a recycled "growing" art piece 
(inspired by Apartment Therapy)

 Gotta love that funky couch :)

 We're a fan of boardgames,
so I placed a couple under the table
to induce playing :)

 That weird sculpture thing
on top of the fireplace
is made from cut toilet paper rolls
and paper towel rolls.

You just cut and staple it
to make an organic-looking
recycled sculpture!
I love that I can keep adding
onto it as long as I want...

 Plus, you can spray-paint it 
once you feels it's complete,
and hang it wherever you like!

I've seen this project on 
Design Sponge 
a while back, click here
to check it out!

To give you some perspective 
on our home,
here's another view:

 And here's our dining area!
In April, I was finally able 
to finish our thrifted chairs!

 Above the table is a random display shelf,
so I placed some of Tanner's library up there...
I love books.
Very much so, yes.

There's a window in the dining area,
so I placed a planter with some alyssum 
on the sill.

 Paired with another planter
full of wild flowers

 Little buds are just beginning to open.
Ah, the simple joys :)

 And down the hall
from the dining area 
is our bedroom.

We shall be painting it 
within a couple weeks!

So, there you go!
Little changes here 
and there.

And a casual house tour,
sort of :P

Longest post EVER.
Lo siento mucho.



  1. i LOVE your house! i love your courtyard! i love your chairs! i love your couch! i love basil! i love books!

    i'm sorry. that comment was maybe a bit over exuberant.

  2. Hi Miss Jessie,
    My goodness, you've been busy. So much to comment on. I hear you on the cabinets. I finally TSPed and sanded the remaining cabinets in our kitchen today! It is SUCH a chore. You know how much I love your courtyard. I'm picturing a small cafe table and chairs out there with a red umbrella and lots of potted plants. The touches of turquoise on gates and doors are so NM. And last, are you a reader? Of historical fiction? If so, I'd highly recommend Angle of Repose -- based on a true story written East Coast Victorian lady who married a mining engineer and who lived all over the West when it was still wild. Sort of echos what you are living, no?
    Take care,

  3. Your house is coming along very nicely. I see you have a lot of aqua in your home. I love the color aqua. It's so pretty. I used to have aqua years ago in my living room. The desk in the entry way is very similar to the one I have in my kitchen area. I really like the book shelf, and Nel would love those books! You have done a great job. Isn't it fun to decorate?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. @Alissa- Thank you!!!! It's a slow process, but we're getting there! :)

    @Suzy- My oh my!!! I love you over-exuberant comment. I too love all these things!!!!!!!!!! Glad we have similar taste :D GAHHHH!!!

    @Camille- Indeed, I have been busy, but those cabinets, well... I keep putting them off :P Thanks for the encouragement though!!! I'm so excited for yours!!! I love your idea for our courtyard! I've been keeping my eye out for a metal bistro set I can spray paint maybe, but so far - no luck. I'll find something!
    And yes! I am a reader! Lately, it's been theological stuff concerning the Christian faith, but I'm a big fan of history/memoirs and the like - so a historical fiction work sounds wonderful! I'll totally have to check out "Angle of Repose" - I can relate to it already! Thanks for the rec!

    @Red Rose Alley- Thank you! It's our first home, so I'm excited to work on it :) And yes! Aqua/Teal/Turquoise - these colors are so gorgeous to me, I can't help but have them in my home! I love it! You're right, decorating is awesome :)

  5. Hi Jessie -- coming back to look at your kitchen again. I think white would be great, but you might explore other options too. How cool would it be to stain them a dark wood tone? I kind of wish I had done that as I've been very attracted to dark wood lowers and white uppers lately.


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