Birthday Bonanzafanza

While my brother was visiting,
we celebrated my husband Tanner's birthday.

He turned the big 23.
Tanner's never been a big celebrator of birthdays...
but that didn't matter to me.
I think every birthday is special.
It's a day worth rejoicing 
for the breath you've been given,
for the adventures you've taken,
and for the journey you're on.

So, Laurence and I made Tanner some cards
and silly decorations
to show him how glad we are
to share another year with him.

If you've ever seen the show, The Office,
you might recognize this banner.

We also made some silly cards...
(My brother made all of these!)

When Tanner came home from work,
we had the house ready for him.

We even had a chocolate cake ready!  
My favorite chocolate cake to be exact...
I'll be sharing the recipe with you very soon!

All in all, our little celebration wasn't too crazy,
but it was just enough to remind Tan 
how much he means to us.

Yay for birthdays!


  1. Aw how fun! And I LOVE that sign, the Office is such an awesome show. Happy belated birthday to Tanner!

  2. Awww, that's awesome. =] I totally agree with you...every birthday should be special!

    Did you give your husband the choice between a 1 hour nap or 1 hour of TV? ;)

  3. Haha I love the banana card!



  4. @Alissa - I agree... The Office has changed my life!!! :P I'll pass on the love to Tanner!

    @Jamie - I couldn't stop laughing when I read your comment! I forgot to offer 1 hr spent napping or watching TV... but Tanner told me that if asked, he would have napped. You know your Office! :D

    @Marielle - Me too!!! My favorite is the roadkill card... not sure if that's a good thing! LOL


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