I can't believe it's already September.
This year is going by so quickly!
I'm not complaining though...
I like change :)

On a random note,
Tanner & I 
(with the generous gift of a bbq grill from my in-laws)
decided to try our hand at grilling this summer.

My conclusion:   Grilling is fun.

See for yourself...

We grilled some fresh veggies,
which I'm always a fan of...

Plus some blue-cheese burgers
with caramelized onions...

And sweet potato fries, of course.
But I baked those,
so they don't count.

And we enjoyed the whole experience 
from our screened-in back patio.

All I can say is,
it is so wonderful to finally live somewhere
where the summer heat doesn't melt your shoes
or force you indoors
for 3 months straight.

New Mexico has been pretty good to us.

And as for grilling?
Well, we'll be grilling up a bit
this weekend :)

(This time, some sausage!)

What's your favorite thing to grill?
Just out of curiosity...


  1. You have such a wonderful way with words. I am so glad New Mexico has been good to you! My favorite thing to grill (surprise, surprise!) is fresh green chile -- it's a good way to roast them. Too bad we don't really get them here in CA!

    Those burgers are making my mouth water...

  2. Fun! I love grilled veggies too. =] My favorite are hot dogs cooked so well they are charred and busting open. Yummm. =]

  3. @Camille - Thank you! And I have to try grilling some fresh green chile... it sounds so good (and so New Mexican!) Thanks for the tip! :D

    @Jamie - I'm with you on the hot dogs... there's something about that char... so TASTY!!!!

  4. Get the cluck out of here, this is an easy answer. It's beer can chicken every time. It's very tasty and is hard to ruin. The flavors really pop! See you two in less than three weeks. To the beach and the sand. Feel the magic, Disneyland.

  5. Love the patio area, that looks so cute!

  6. @Paul - I had a feeling beer can chicken would be the winner, but with good cause! We have to try making it again! I have a beer in the fridge, ready and waiting! :D Also, we are so stoked for D-Land!!! I need some salty sea air in my life right now!!!

    @Drea - I'm glad you like it! We need to work on it a bit... like paint, plants, chairs, outdoor rug... you get the idea :D


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