Home Updates, Homies.

Guten Tag!!!

Here are some more
home updateywoos for ya.

We bought a rug a while back
from West Elm...
and it finally showed up!

I wanted something to ground our dining set
and add a bit more color to the area...
So here's where it ended up!



I love the pattern and burnt yellow...

This room is still pretty bare,
but I have ideas for some art pieces (eventually)
and perhaps a little console against that bare wall.
All in due time, I guess.  :)

Also, one seriously neglected part of our home
is the wide hallway 
between our living room 
and office/ guest bathroom/ guest bedroom.

 It needs some love, to say the least.
I have yet to paint the hallway, trim, and doors...
But I'm thinking of doing something ca-ca-crazy.

Insert Inspiration:

So, I obviously have an obsession with deep teal...
But I think it would be rocking in the wide hallway.
Plus, it gets some natural light from all the rooms around it.

I'm thinking:
teal walls + white doors and trim + art + new light fixture!

Since I don't have the paint to embark on such an endeavor,
I decided to frame and hang some art.
Here's how it turned out...


 I found all the frames a week ago
for 25 cents a piece,
spray painted some of them,
and framed a few of my original pieces
(as well as a stamp collection I have
from Argentina.)

Mini Update Cost?
Frames: $1.50 total
Art Pieces: $0 (Made them myself, stamps were a gift)
Spray Paint: $0 (Already owned)
Nails/Hardware: $0 (Already Owned)

TOTAL:  $1.50
(not too shabby)

All in all, I like how it adds interest 
to a previously neglected area,
but MAN! Does it makes me want to paint! 

Have you done any random small changes lately?
Or how do you feel about the teal?
Yay or Nay?

Happy Wednesday!
And thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Very yay to the teal! Also, I wish I had your picture arranging skills. My attempt at a gallery wall is waaaay too left-brained.

  2. @Carmen- Sweet! I'm glad you dig the teal! And as for picture-arranging skills... you can totally do it! I like to lay out the frames on the floor and play around with them a bit - looking at how the colors and shapes interact! Have fun with it! :D

  3. Hi Jessie, the teal is gorgeous. Yup.

    Also, I think you have great taste. I just picked out that very rug for a friend's dining room! It looks super awesome in your space.

  4. @Camille- Thank you! And as for my taste - I'm learning, so thanks for the love!
    Also, that rug is amazing... It's so versatile!!! Glad you dig it too :) (and I'm sure your friend will LOVE IT!)


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