Off We Go...

Hello There!!!

I'm excited to say
that Tan-the-Man and I 
will be embarking on an adventure!

we fly to Las Vegas...
and soon after,


I'm probably more excited than I should be.

I shall take many a picture
and soak in the California ocean air for you.
(I have high hopes of dipping my toes in the surf.)

Have a wonderful week ahead...
I'll blog when I can



  1. Hope you have a lovely time! Disneyland so good and I hope you get to dip your toes in the ocean xxx

  2. Dude. I'm so jealous! I hope you have a blast in California and I can't wait to see you!!

  3. sooo lucky!!!
    we did california for our honeymoon two years ago. i need to go back. like now.

  4. The girls just went to Disneyland twice in a month. They can't get enough of that place!! Love your black and white photo. There's nothing like them.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Hi Miss Jessie, I assume you are back from CA and had a good time?

    I'm contacting you to tell you that you won the art print giveaway from FauxKiss. I'm posting about it tomorrow. If you go to my profile, there's a link to email me so I can give you Jean's contact info.


  6. Disneyland is surely the most magical place on earth. After being there last month, I believe all the rhetoric! I don't know how you found my blog, but I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read it... And I love your NM pictures! Dutch and I drove thru once and I too expected it to be flat and unremarkable - but I'll never forget the vision of raindrops i saw falling from the sky like hail and the taste of elephant ears we bought from a vendor on the side of the road. Beautiful country...


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