Office Goals.


My husband just started working a fun little swing-shift...
Let's just say, it's taking some time to get used to!
Since he's working nights right now, 
I'm trying to do some
"quiet projects."

So today, I begin the wonderful task
of painting our office!

The room needs some love,
especially since we spend a lot of time in here!

I use it for my graphic design work,
blogging, and whatnot...
Tanner uses it for sermon research,
gaming, and all that fun stuff.
Also, it's where we watch our movies!

Form and function is the goal.

So far,
this room has gone from a bare rectangle
to sporting dual parsons desks,
a loveseat, and some lighting.

My goal is to have it painted within the next day or so
and to have some curtains up...
Eventually, shelving will clear up our desks.
All in due time.

So here's to baby steps!
and accountability!
(Now that I've shared this with you, 
I have to get going, right?)


Have a fantastic Thursday


  1. Having a lovely office makes work so much more fun!

  2. can't wait to see photos jess! I love your house projects!

  3. One of my favorite things about blogging is that once you share it, you have to finish! =] Good luck with the room, sounds like it will be great!

  4. @Jordan - So true! :D
    @Ali - Thanks, Ali! I appreciate the love!!!
    @Jamie - Indeed! I definitely enjoy the accountability! Pics should be up tomorrow!


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