Busting Out the Brushes


Ever since we moved to New Mexico back in January, 
I have neglected my easel. 
And my brushes. 
And my canvas...

I've only worked on our house and furniture.

Well, thanks to my husband working a wacky swing shift schedule,
I've had a lot of nights to myself...
And so,
I busted out the brushes.

I'm making a new page at the top of this blog 
for my art.
Hopefully, as I finish house projects,
my time spent painting 
will pick up speed. 

Here's to starting it up again!

What I made a few nights ago:

Untitled (for now)

P.S. - photographing acrylics is challenging... 
I turned off my flash, but the sheen is still hard to deal with.
Any tips?


  1. It's beautiful! <3 I've recently been getting into painting. It's sooo fun and relaxing.

  2. WHOA..
    you are incredible...

  3. @Jamie - Thank you! That's so cool!!! You should post some of your work on your blog! :D

    @Suzy - Thank you very very much!!! So are you!!! Your blog header designs and post-it notes have always rocked my socks off. Seriously.


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