Projects Galore!

Hiya, Folks!

I guess I've been pretty busy over here
these last few weeks...
painting our hallway, office,
and even some canvas!

But I've decided it's time to tackle a project
I've left unfinished for months:
My kitchen cabinets.

What they looked like when we moved in

I painted the top cabinets white 
but have yet to paint the lower ones
and replace all the hardware... 

Here's where it's at right now...

Notice the dishes and rice cooker?
Yeah.  Keeping it real.

I plan on cleaning and priming them today
and painting them tomorrow.
I also ordered some neat oil rubbed bronze hardware
to replace the spray painted 
ceramic knobs I'm using now...

My current knobs are not holding up super well,
and a lot of them are chipped and cracked 
from a few decades of use.

I'll keep the updates coming!

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