House Updates - Yet Again!

Hello friends!

Sorry for the long absence...
I guess that's what happens 
when you host family
and celebrate the holidays :)

In fact, having family visit
motivated me to work on our home!
So here are some updates!

I also added a "Mi Casa" Tab 
up above
which will give you an up-to-date 
tour of our home!

So there's that :)

Now for some pics...

We acquired some bookcases! 
- finally - 

As you can see,
we have quite a few books
and boardgames...

Three cheers for accessibility!!!

Also, I have recently acquired
a little typewriter collection (!)
which I decided to disperse 
throughout our home.

We hung up my seascape in the dining room
to bring a touch of deep teal to the space :)

And I finally finished my 
over the fireplace!

I also acquired a sweet brass coat rack
for our front entryway
and repainted a little bookcase 
to store our shoes, mail, keys and such!

And last but not least, 
I finally dressed up our kitchen cabinets
with some oil-rubbed bronze hardware!
(I found the knobs & pulls for cheap on Ebay!)

So, there you go!

I have yet to decorate for Christmas, 
but I'm excited to say the least.

Here's to hoping 
your Thanksgiving was 

- Jess


  1. I love how you've decorated you house Jess. It's gorgeous and it looks so "homey." You have such a unique sense of style that I love and seeing all of your home updates makes me excited for when I get a little home of my own in the future and how I will decorate it. :)

  2. Beautiful! You're such an inspiring cousin lol I ADORE your toilet paper sculpture by the way, when I move into a house of my own, I need you to decorate it for me. XD

  3. Oh my goodness this looks so lovely! The toilet paper sculpture looks great! As does the whole place, I love all the little touches like the typewriter and the key holder xxxx

  4. So beautiful! It seems like a very home-like place --welcoming and refreshing-- without losing its classiness.

  5. I love your style! The house looks amazing :) It's very light with colorful touches...I just love it.

  6. holy smokes, I am jealous of your house! It's gorgeous! I love your style. =]

  7. @Ali - Thank you so much for the compliments, Ali! "Homey" is good! When you get your own place, you'll have a blast! And I want to see pics of your pad, too! :D

    @Liana - You are too sweet! :D Thanks for the love, cousin! And I'm glad you like the toilet paper sculpture! lol! There are so many ways you can assemble it, too... you should try it out :D

    @Becca - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the little details! I found that key holder at Anthropologie and drooled over it for weeks... :D

    @Carmen - Your words mean a lot! Thank you so much for the compliment! I just wish I had more people to share it with :)

    @Alissa - Thank you, friend!!! I'm a HUGE fan of color... so YAY!!!! I'm glad you like it! I've been working on our guest room, so if you're ever in New Mexico... :P

    @Jamie - Why, thank you!!! Hehe! I appreciate the love! And I didn't realize I had a style going... so that's good!!! My philosophy is, bring what you love into your home, and it will all fall into place :D

  8. your book cases, type writers are adorably cool, love the crisp-modern feel of your home!

  9. Jessie, it has been so much fun to watch your house grow in personality and style! I LOVE your bookcases. They just totally make the room. Nice styling too. I've been thinking about you with all of this snow. Will you be in NM this Christimas? I am here now and so happy to have a little bit of winter with my Christmas.

    Happy Holidays!


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