Life and Such

Hello friends!

Lots going on over here.
First off, my hubs and I celebrated our
first wedding anniversary!

We went out for some fusion food.
Good stuff, my friends.

Of course,
we took some photos to document
this monumental day!

 Our favorite restaurant in town,
is one crazy neat place
with only 2 staff:
the chef (Jake)
and the server (Jeff).

They both have a lot of personality
- as does their restaurant -
and they know our names!
Talk about awesome small town customer service!

They even gave us free dessert for our special night :)

Amazing almond creamy chocolate cake
of awesomeness.
(And I'm a big critic when it comes to chocolate cake.

So yeah,
that was a big deal for us.

Also, I'm trying to figure out
how to go about making an Etsy store
and selling some art prints and such?

I did not expect to get so many sweet comments
on my llama piece!
So if any of you out there think Etsy is a good idea,
let me know. 
(I guess it's about time I put my art degree to use! Hehe!)

And on a most random note...
I've been doing adult beginners beginners ballet
for a few weeks now...


No one told me how hard ballet was.
So sore.

Also, I received my first ever foot compliment...
I'll take it!!!

Truth be told, a good friend of mine
convinced me to join her in trying out ballet,
and I love it!

I've always been more of a sports/jock kind of girl,
and I'm in NO WAY flexible.
True story.
But it's challenging and soothing!

So expect some updates on that here and there.
So far, I know my positions and a few basic things...
definitely lacking physical grace though!

that is life for now.
I shall check in again tomorrow.
Hopefully :)

Good day to you!


  1. PLEASE open an Etsy store! I confess that, after the llama picture, I looked around your website to see if you already had one set up.

    I've been planning to take some kind of class...glad to hear that a ballet one for beginner adults is possible and not totally awkward!

  2. whoa.
    1. {i just accidentally wrote "happy ballet"} happy anniversary!!!
    2. definitely open an etsy shop. or a big cartel shop {which i've heard is better than etsy, but don't know for sure. check it out anyway}
    3. ballet???? that's kind of awesome. now i want to join ballet.

  3. You guys are a super cute couple. Happy anniversary!
    Also, you should totally do an Etsy store. I know nothing about the process, but how fun would that be?

  4. Happy (belated!) Anniversary! I love that you guys live in a place with such cute small-town charm. That's so cool. And I totally think you should open an Etsy shop. You're so talented...I have a few friends who have shops and from what they've said, it wasn't too hard of a process! And woohoo on the ballet! That's so random but it sounds like a ton of fun. You're rockin' it, girl!

  5. Also...I just wanted to add...I LOVE your hair! Your bangs look sooo freaking cute.
    That is all :)

    1. Aw Jess Congrats on yours and Tanners first year of marriage! Crazy how quick a year goes by. You two are one of my favorite couples and I love that you had such a cute fun dinner! Secondly I think you should definitely open an etsy store, then I can buy art work from you to make my room look all pretty :)

  6. Ballet?? SO jealous!!!!! I wish i could take lessons with you =]

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you, and many more years of love and peace. You look so cute in this picture. I have always thought ballet was such a graceful sport, but I was always too tall for it. That cake looks so delicious. Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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