Moving forward

It's decided.
I shall open an Etsy store.

This may take some time
due to me figuring out where to have
quality prints made of some of my pieces
and all that jazz,
But alas...

I have committed myself to doing this.
Thank you for the encouragement!

In other news,
I painted my bathroom.

It's no great feat, but MAN.
I love a freshly painted loo.

I didn't just paint, either.
I design binged. (???)
You know,
when you try to do all the things ever in the universe
for a project ALL AT ONCE?!?!?!


I did some hardware removal,
painting (even the ceiling - ugh),
new hooks,
replacing of the mirror,
I have no idea how I did this within 3 hours.

Really good vitamins???

Pics to come.

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