Master Bath Progress

Hello there!

Thanks to my husband's night shift,
I put another sleepless night to use
by working on our bathroom!

Here's what it looked like before...

It wasn't horrible, 
but there were three mismatched towel racks,
flat & semigloss paint on the walls,
and a basic boring mirror.

I decided to remove all the racks,
patch and paint (BM Light Pewter),
and put up hooks,
a new mirror, 
and switch out and raise 
my shower curtain.


Yay for progress!

What's left to do?
      • paint the trim and door white (BM Chantilly Lace)
      • switch out the light fixtures  
      • hang more art around my $5 thrift store painting (Think mini gallery wall.) 
      • Install small glass shelf under mirror?
      • Small window treatment (matchstick blinds?)
      • Switch bathmat with a patterned runner

I'm still trying to figure out how to 
make this bathroom as functional as possible.

We'll see.
For now,
it feels much cleaner 
and crisp!

And that is good enough for me :)


  1. very pretty.
    hey you: i love your blog.

    1. Gosh. :) Thank you VERY MUCH, Suzy :D You're fantabulous.

  2. Love the mirror. Love the hooks. LOVE the painting. They are all perfect choices. Totally agree about the small shelf under the mirror and matchsticks blinds. And of course, I can't wait to see how the gallery wall turns out. By the time you are through with the bathroom, it will have oodles of personality!

    1. Yay!!! I always love your feedback :) Excited to see your peek shot post! :D

  3. P.S. Your photo is what I call the peek shot -- doing a post on that Monday in my composing photos series. :)


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