Working on the Porch!

As the weather warms up,
I can't help 
but spend more time outdoors.

I decided to start working 
on our screened porch.

I have high hopes of barbequing,
playing boardgames,
reading while listening to the birds,
and playing guitar late into the night
all summer long.

To make these hopes a reality,
we've slowly added some furniture 
to the space
starting with an outdoor rug,
table, and chairs.
We found some 
cute outdoor pillows
at Target
 to add a bit of 
comfort and color.

I picked up a bird feeder.

Watching (and hearing) 
the songbirds is a real treat!

In fact, 
one of my favorite things to do
is sit out back, 
read my bible,
and eat breakfast 
while the birds get their grub on
and chirp.

Good stuff.

We put up some lights
for our late night meals
and games.

I've also started priming the wall paneling
to give this room a bit of color.
We'll see how that goes!

And as for our front courtyard,
a few potted plants
have definitely
livened it up.

my friends,
how about you?
Been up to anything 
outdoors lately?


  1. Are these photos from YOUR place?! OMG I love them! Your backyard looks SO cozy. You're making me want to start working on my small little patio and turn it into my outdoor studio!

  2. Why thank you!!! These are photos I took of our back porch... it's a work in progress :) If you work on your place, I want to SEE!!! :D

  3. I'm loving these little snippets I'm seeing in your back porch! So pretty. Wondering what color you'll be painting it?

    1. Thank you, Camille! I'm still deciding on a color... part of me wants to do white, like in our living room or a super pale mint/teal. I'm having a hard time deciding, though!

  4. ah! jealous! i want your porch and the lights in it!!

    1. Well, you're invited to share! Anytime you're in New Mexico :D


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