Life Lately.

After what seemed like a month 
of straight traveling,
it's been nice slowing down and
getting back into the groove of things.

I'm back to ballet,
which thoroughly handed my butt to me today.
Let's just say 
I am NOT a quick learner 
when it comes to this 
graceful stuff.

I'm also back to working 
on our home and such.

We put up some shelves
 in our office,
so more on that to come!

Sneak Peek of our new shelving!

And lastly, 
I've been getting back into 
my volunteer work
for Silver City's
 first ever

I'm putting my art 
and administrative skills to use,
doing PR work and gallery work...
All in all - its' fun stuff!
More on that 
as well 

Happy Wednesday!

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