Came across this at UNR last week.

I have a habit of living in cycles.

I get caught up 
running around and around,
adding on obligations,
social events,
spending too much time on the computer,
unnecessary tasks...

all the while,
I guilt myself into feeling like
I have to do all this.

Like saying "no" 
is never an option.

So then I burn out,
fall apart, 
and unplug
- hermit status -
die socially for a while...

only to start over.
and over.

You see,
I live in cycles.

The sad part is 
most of the things
I tangle myself with 
don't seem to matter.

It's all rubbish.

I'm trying to change this.
Let me rephrase this.

I'm praying to God,
asking Him to change this.
To change me.

I need to figure out 
what to throw away
and what to keep.

I need to learn how to unplug
(both physically and electronically)
in a healthy way,

how to keep learning
and stimulating 
my thoughts
and aspirations 
until they can't help 
but come to fruition.

It's time to break the cycle.

Just like Dr. Oliphint said,
 "Like Christ, 
Christians must withdraw,

It is time to make sure
that we are molding our plastic brains
in a way that they will be trained 
to think carefully,
to concentrate,
to work through difficulties,
to meditate on God's character,
to revel in His glory."

It starts here.
In my mind.
In my heart.

That's where the cycle ends
and rebirth happens.

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